MERCOLEDÌ 18/08 2021

Avviso ai soci – ingresso con tessera arci 2020/2021
Ingresso rigorosamente su prenotazione con capienza limitata scrivendo a
God’s Mom is an electronic music duo comprised of vocalist Bria Salmena (ORVILLE PECK, BRIA, FRIGS) and instrumentalist Andrew Matthews (WHIMM). God’s Mom was formed in the winter of 2020 in Toronto, Canada.
The project explores Bria Salmena’s Southern Italian heritage through sampled Tarantellas of Calabria. Coming from a punk-informed background, Salmena and Matthews delve into bold pop and rave experimentation.
While channeling the spirit of legends such as Mina and Franco Battiato, the album is a bracing sprint through balearic club rhythms as well as stark ballads, all led by Salmena’s fervent vocals and words.
Their first album “Songs For Lina” will be released later this year.