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Klang pr: Hate Moss (Live) opening God of The Basement+Pour atom Oil + Witches Are Back (DJ Set)

Klang pr: Hate Moss (Live) opening God of The Basement+Pour atom Oil + Witches Are Back (DJ Set) VENERDÌ 06/05 2022

Klang Stage:
Hate Moss (Live)
Hate Moss is an Italo-Brazilian duo formed by Tina (voice and electronics) and Ian (voice and drums).
In 2017 Tina and Ian met in London (UK) and decided to start an independent label, Stock-a Records which then became Stock-a Production, a collective with the main focus of supporting emerging artists.
Their collaboration turned into a music project in 2018 with their first single together, “Honey”, followed by tours in Brazil, Italy and UK. Their first album, “LIVE TWOTHOUSANDHATEIN”, was released in May 2019 through their own label, and the band played in Spain, Portugal and Turkey as well as at international festivals such as the Venice Biennale (IT), Locomotiva Festival (BR) and Goiania Noise (BR) where they shared the stage with underground renowned artists such as Rakta, Boogarins and Ratos de Porão.
Due to Covid-19 they had to cancel their first European Tour, which would have seen them perform in 7 countries with 15 shows.
Like many artists, the pandemic forced them to change plans. They released a single “Fog”, recorded, produced and released during their first lockdown in London, with accompanying video, and then, during summer 2020, moved to Italy to focus on the new album, “NaN”. Drawing on the mixed heritage of the band, the many strands of musical influence they share, and the upheaval of moving and regrouping during a pandemic, the more commercial musical approach on the second album only serves to give the listener an easier approach to the head message of the lyrics.
https://open.spotify.com/album/1nwevPBYvUg7Xoiqymie9F… https://www.instagram.com/hatemossband/

God of The Basement (Live) + Pour atom Oil (Live)
[Heavy Pop / IDM]
God of the Basement [GOTB] è una band heavy pop.
Un’ esplosione di suono e immagine. Groove serrati, old school sampling, melodie catchy ed elementi più heavy si fondono insieme ad un immaginario che gioca sul contrasto tra visioni suggestive e moderna cultura pop. Atmosfere urbane, tremendamente attuali e maledettamente retro futuristiche.
Un progetto nato in uno scantinato dell’East London da Tommaso Tiranno (voce) ed Enrico Giannini (chitarra e sampling), che poi prende forma e si sviluppa nelle periferie toscane grazie all’arrivo di Rebecca Lena (basso e visual art) e Alessio Giusti (batteria).
Il primo EP nel 2016 marca una traccia grezza, un punto di partenza che porta alla pubblicazione dell’omonimo album di debutto nel 2018 per Alka Record Label, dove un ensemble sonoro, esplosivo e fortemente legato a immagini, plasma lo stile eterogeneo della band.
Giugno 2021 è la data di pubblicazione del secondo album, Bobby is Dead, in uscita per il collettivo internazionale Stock-a Production, in cui l’unione tra musica e arti visive si consolida. Una esplorazione sonora più concentrata e consapevole che vuole accompagnare l’ascoltatore attraverso il viaggio di due misteriosi personaggi.
Pour Atom Oil, also known as Mauro Polito, is an Italian musician, producer and sound designer currently based in London.
Member of the electronic and visionary duo ‘In a Sleeping Mood’, long-time collaborator of the talented ‘Maria Chiara Argiro’ and producer of the electroclash duo ‘Hate Moss’.

Klang Foyer:
Witches Are Back (DJ Set)
[Techno / Electronic]
Witches Are Back is an independent female identified artists collective, originated from diverse underground scenes, disconnected from mainstream business\’ dynamics, with a strong political focus on intersectional transfeminist activism.
The project was born in Rome in 2010 and moved to Berlin in 2015, where magic beings from all over the world have joined the team.
The aim is to give underground artists more sexism free and queer safe spaces to express themselves in professionally organized events that include art performances, exhibitions, concerts and clubbing, to promote and support creative talent, giving new impulses to alternative cultures.
In 2020 Witches Are Back gives life to a music label and a radio broadcast.
The crew produced events in Rome, Berlin, Prague, Palermo, Milan. Every meeting represented a huge knowledge and emotions sharing experience for everybody\’s involved. The most important one is the festival taking place at Forte Prenestino of Rome, one of Europe\’s biggest squat. In the 2020 edition this festival involved more than 100 artists on 6 floors/spaces and about 3000 participants, celebrating 10 years of activity of the Witches. The collective is willing to tour the rest of Europe, to promote the big creative potential of many territory\’s local artists, especially in areas where the underrepresented identities have less chances to freely express themselves in an enhancing context.
No biglietto, no tessera, no liste.
Solo suono, solo sogno.
È richiesta la prenotazione:
• Prenotate il vostro tavolo allo 06-43689987 o tramite messaggio privato su Facebook e Instagram;
• I tavoli sono distanziati e tutto l’ambiente è stato sanificato.
What’s for dinner?
100% home made, internazionale, godurioso e pronto per accompagnare la nostra selezione di birre alla spina e le vibrazioni sonore.
Il menu del Klang ti aspetta per cena.



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