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Studio Olympia pres.: ZILLAS ON ACID (US) + A-TWEED x PLAYGROUND 10th anniversary

Studio Olympia pres.: ZILLAS ON ACID (US) + A-TWEED x PLAYGROUND 10th anniversary VENERDÌ 10/03 2023

Saturday 11 February at Trenta Formiche Studio Olympia celebrates the 10th anniversary of Playground Records.
For the occasion the line-up will consist of more than five hours of uninterrupted music by special guests Zillas on Acid [USA – Philadelphia] and resident dj A-Tweed, a showcase entirely signed by the Barcelona\’s label.
>> ZILLAS ON ACID [USA – Philadelphia]

Zillas on Acid is Thomas Roland and James Weissinger. Honing their skills for almost 15 years as resident DJs at MAKING TIME, Philadelphia\’s never-ending nightlife institution, the Zillas have
recently turned their attention to original production. With the 2019 release of their Black Cat EP (Optimo Music) and the She
Takes NRG EP (Ivan Smagghe’s Les Disques de la Mort), among other releases, the Zillas have garnered support from fellow futuristic travelers like Roman Flügel, Jennifer Cardini, Justin Strauss, The Juan MacLean, Cooper Saver, and many more. Deep in the studio or out in the club at their monthly mutant gatherings Melt You Down and Acid Banquet, the Zillas mix slow-motion death disco, dubbed-out drum machine music, and of course ACID to excite party people from all plane.
>> A-Tweed (Rome – Italy)
[Acid Weird Slow Disco]

A-Tweed is the moniker of Ant De Oto, Italian dj/producer based in Rome.
His music is an essential smoothie of acid weird downbeats, dark electronics, EBM, cosmic disco, electro, tribal techno and goodies of global music at 360 °.
In his DJ sets, A-Tweed tells stories about Black Africa, the alleys of New Orleans or Marrakech and the endless paths that lead from the noisy Glasgow factories to Buenos Aires and the Colombian Pacific and the streets of Phnom Penh and among the taiko players in Japan.
In 2020/2021 He released on the French label Hard Fist and on the Argentine Playground Records, with remixes by Dengue Dengue Dengue, Carrot Green, Lucas Croon, CAIN and Fabrizio Mammarella, among others.
New music out this year via Feines Tier (Germany), SABI (Japan), Electric Shapes (Lithuania), Duro (Mexico), Inside Out (UK) and many more.
He is resident with his \”Coal & Ash Circuit\” show on Radio Alhara (Bethlehem, Palestine).
A-Tweed also has two sides projects like the tribal techno duo OBLAKO MARANTA with the Russian producer Andrey Redkov from Radial Gaze and A-TWEED X OLTREFUTURO with italian producer and sound engineer Valerio Ebert, focusing on weird slow beats and acid wonky techno out on Fauna Rêve and Multi Culti.
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Trenta formiche

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