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The Accessories Extravaganza KiKi ball

The Accessories Extravaganza KiKi ball VENERDÌ 25/03 2022

VogueXchange 2022
We. Are. Back.
Let us introduce you the first VX episode, in partnership with ‘’Latte Fresco’’ , Aftershow ‘’Banana Split’’:
 March, Friday the 25th
 Open doors at 6 pm (for walkers)
 Largo Venue, via Biordo Michelotti 2
 10 euros : Walkers
 12 euros : Audience
– VERY IMPORTANT FOR WALKERS: Without being on the list , there is no other ways to pay 10 euros at the door, so you have to fill the Google form.

Form is Closed because all spots were booked!
If you are lucky and Smart and you have already booked your place, your spot with cheaper prize is secure only after the payment

– AUDIENCE + WALKERS (the ones that are not in the 10€ list)
Infos are coming soon

Only one Theme for all categories :
Dress your accessory or accesories!
The main focus is to use one or more accessories and let them shine as unique pieces of fashion art.
You can either have only one quality masterpiece or play with quantity, you can replace and/or use it/them in a creative way.
Following your category’s criteria.
Good luck , and we’ll see on the runway.
Suggested accessories:
– Hat
– Gloves
– Necklaces
– Earrings
– Any kind of bag
– Belt
– Papillon
– Tie
– Bracelet
– Jewerly
And many more……

 Ladies of The Night:
Mother Anna & Father JiJi Munera
 Dj Lil Jean Munera
 Commentator Chiara Munera
 Grafiche Wlad Munera
 Michele Macaluso
 Judges Panel:
Vio Munera
Leria 007
Scar Savoia
Sarah 007
Elly 007

Virgin Runway
Virgin Old Way
Virgin New Way
Virgin Vogue Femme
Beginners Runway
Beginners Old Way
Beginners New Way
Beginners Vogue Fem
OTA Tag Team Runway
Old Way on 90’s Dance Music
New Way on Classic Beats
Tag Team Vogue Fem
Arms Control on rap music
Hands Performance on classical music
MF Muscular Body
MF Big Boy Body
FF Runway Model Body Haute Couture
FF Runway Model Body Victoria Secret
FF Fitness Model Body
FF Louscious Model Body
MF Realness
FF Realness
MF Face
FF Face
Best Drag Make Up
Lipsync Production 50 Euros Cash Prize Sponsored by Scar Savoia

• For the Lipsync production category the length of the track must be a maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds and there is no indication of style/ genre or singer.
For the outfit follow the general indications of the theme of the ball.
The track must be sent WITHIN AND NOT LATER THAN 17 March to the email voguexchangeitaly@gmail.com
All graphics : Wladimir Metrano
Barrio Arte, via del Quadrifoglio
March, Saturday the 26th
1pm/2:15pm Runway with Mother Ritchy Oricci 2:15pm/3:30pm Old Way with Suzume
March, Sunday the 27th
2pm/3:15pm New Way with Satvva Ninja 3:15pm/4:30pm Vogue Fem with Father Elly Vineyard
1 class – 15 €
2 classes – 25 €
3 classes – 35 €
4 classes – 45 €
Book your spot
(link coming soon)
Your spot is reserved after the payment within March, the 13th.
After the deadline, we will add 5€ on every option
Fb Event of the Major Ball , March the 26th:

Google form for the Workshops, the 26th and the 27th:


Largo venue

Largo venue

progetto di riqualificazione urbana

 Via Biordo Michelotti, 2, 00176 Roma RM
Telefono06 5987 5966
Email info@largovenue.com

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